Shawn Johnson’s Wardrobe Malfunction on the Exercise Floor

Shawn Machel Johnson is one of the most be-medaled gymnasts of the United States. She was an Olympian in 2008 where she won the gold on the balance beam. She has had numerous unfortunate moments when she showed more than what she should. Most of these Shawn Johnson wardrobe malfunctions happened during her days of active competition. Photos of the girl next door in uncompromising positions have spread in the Internet. Here are some of them.

During one of her competitions, Johnson sat at the sidelines to prepare herself without knowing that she exposed a little of her crotch area by spreading her legs.

This is the kind of wholesome image Johnson is known for. In this photo she looks like your regular all American girl with that wide smile.

Problems strike when she does her routine. With legs spread wide while jumping high in the air, you know that those little uniforms will not be able to cover everything.

In this photo, Johnson is shown in the middle of her jump with legs widespread again. As usual, her uniform does very little to cover her.

Shawn Johnson’s wardrobe malfunction happened whenever she did her gymnastic exercises. This time the leg openings of her uniform rode up high showing her bikini line.

The photo above shows the gymnast at the peak of her jump while changing bars. Again her uniform leaves very little to the imagination.

This was taken during one of her exercise routines. It seems that despite the threat of a wardrobe malfunction, she is focused on what she has to do.

Photos above show the gymnast showing a lot of leg for her fans to enjoy. Left photo was during a competition. The right one was from Dancing with the Stars

This is how the all-American girl looks like when not suffering a wardrobe malfunction. She is all-smiles after a masterful performance on the floor.

This is how she looks like when suffering from one. Again this was taken during one of her jumps where she leaves very little to the imagination.